payware multi-sided platform provides alternative payment initiation methods and reversed information flow

Radio or TV advertisement direct sales

Advertisement web banner direct sales

mobile phones scanning qr and bar codes

Substantial decrease in transaction cost structure depending on establishment’s current transaction terms


Enable new payment acceptance channel in parallel with the existing ones


By-pass payment (virtual POS) terminal network by integrating a payment alternative in the counter process

Access to non-banking financial services providers by out of the box integration with major players in the industry

e-wallet operators logos in random order
credit card payment on POS terminal scratched in red

POS payment terminal is not required


New POS hardware is not required


Optional POS hardware upgrade to enable NFC or sound payment initiation method

Receive payments from any mobile phone


Generate or scan barcode, QR code or NFC tag get instantly payed

people holding up mobile phones
scanner scanning qr code from phone screen

Enhance customer’s payment experience


New payment initiation methods without new hardware


Substantial increase in overall transaction velocity by moving the transaction in payment services providers’ closed loops

Safer payment process without debit or credit cards sensitive data exchange

security camera and CCTV screen

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